This design is first comes out to public in the twenties era, however the bold color and unique design makes it still famous until now. This is why when you want to get different feeling inside your bathroom, and then you can try to use our art deco bathroom design ideas to inspire you with the design.

Unique and bold design of art deco movement

First thing you need to do is to choose the color you want to use for your bathroom. But you need to use bright color which becomes the signature of this design such as green mint, yellow lemon, or pink salmon. Then you need to combine the color that you choose with more neutral color such as black or white shade. With this the main color that you have chosen before will be more visible and create the beauty that you want.

For your cabinet you can use one that has glossy surface which you often see even today. But remember to search cabinet which have the same color with what you have choose before. To add with the classic feeling you can add claw foot bathtub inside your bathroom that you can place everywhere and be the center piece of your bathroom.

When you choose the fixture for your bathroom, then you can try to use one which made from material that is shining such as stainless steel with more modern feeling or you can also use chrome to add the classic feeling. Porcelain is also other material that is useful for your bathroom fixture which you can use for your sink. For the shape of the handle try to use one that has more whimsical style which one of the signature of this art deco bathroom design ideas.


Decoration for your art deco style bathroom

For decoration you can easily find lighting which has art deco style on any home improvement store. The lights usually have larger size which is made that way so it could draw more attention to it. You can use chandelier that has glass panels as the detail or you can also use lighting that covered with cloth that created with swag theme. However those big lights are only suitable for larger bathroom, if you have small size bathroom then it would be better when you use wall sconces for your bathroom. With this your room would still be beautiful but it does not take too much space inside your small bathroom.

Do not forget to add mirror inside your bathroom which also be the key element for your bathroom in this design. But do not used ordinary shape mirror, instead use mirror that has unique shape with geometric shape on the edge of the mirror or use mirror that created with skyscraper design so it would be long and thin. This long and thin type of shape should also be used when you want to choose other decoration such as sculpture or even vas for your art deco bathroom design ideas.

Creating design for your bathroom might not be an easy task since you do not know what you could do with your bathroom design. This is why we will give some small bathroom remodel design which you could use to remodel your bathroom. With this guide you will be able to create beautiful design for your small size bathroom. Of course you can customize the design yourself if you want to since there are a lot of selection that you can do when you want to create your design.


Creating beautiful design for small bathroom remodeling

What important if you want to design your small bathroom is you should not choose too much stuff to be place inside your small bathroom. Because when you put too much items inside, then your small size bathroom will feel even smaller and stuffy.

Paint color design for small bathroom remodeling

  1. Blue paint color design: this color will bring calmness feeling inside your small bathroom, with this you will be able to relieve your anxiety when you relax inside your bathroom and enjoy your time more. With this you will be able to start your day feeling fresh with a new spirit to work after you use your bathroom in the morning or you could also feel more relax after your hectic day when you use your bathroom in the evening.
  2. Green Seafoam paint color design: this paint color is inspired with plant that you find under the sea. With pale green color will give your small bathroom remodel design soothing feeling which will make you relax. Since this color is very pale you need to mix it with other green shade which still have subtle tone and use it for items color inside your bathroom. Combining deep green shade with pale green color as the background will make your bathroom appears more glamorous.
  3. Cream off white paint color design: if you do not want to use pure white color, then this creamy one could be the best alternative which you could use to replace pure white color. With this you will still get the purity feeling inside your bathroom but still get some color to interest your eyes. You could also combine it with other cream color which have different shade and spread it all over your bathroom for the wall paint color to the furniture and even decoration color which will make your bathroom look even fresh. But remember to use deeper shade as the background color while much lighter shade could be used as items color spread in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Design IdeaFurniture design for small bathroom remodeling

  1. Wall mounted vanity: since you do not have too much items inside your small size bathroom then this vanity is the best selection which you can use for small bathroom remodel design. It would not take any space on the floor since you could just mount it on your wall. If you want you can even find one with sink on the counter so you could have two items at once which even safe more space inside your bathroom.
  2. Medicine cabinet: if you want to keep small items then you can use this cabinet which you can install right above your sink to safe more space. Moreover there are some medicine cabinets which also have mirror on the door which you can use so you do not need to install only mirror which will also take space on your small bathroom wall.
  3. Bathroom rack: you can place this furniture in any space available on your bathroom even in the highest part of your bathroom. That way you could make use all part of your bathroom wall as storage and you should not have to worry on lacking space to store your items.
  4. Bathroom caddies: you surely need to place many bathroom need near your shower area, but when you install more storage near your shower then it will eat more space. That is why it is better to use bathroom caddies which you could just hung anywhere inside your shower area. Moreover you can just take it out and move it anywhere else you want when you do not need it.

Fixture design for small bathroom remodeling

  1. Corner sink: if you need a way to spend that space you had in the corner of your bathroom but you do not know what to do, then this corner sink would be the perfect fixture to have inside your small bathroom since you could use space that you never think to use before from our small bathroom remodel design.
  2. Curbless shower: if you want to build your shower then it would be better to build one without curbed bottom. The reason is the curbed bottom would separate the shower area with the rest of your small bathroom size with this you will get your bathroom even smaller. But when you do not use curbed bottom then the shower area will united with the whole bathroom making it even larger.
  3. Corner bathtub: it is not recommended to have bathtub inside your small size bathroom since it will take so much space on your bathroom. But if you really want to have one then you can try to use corner bathtub which you can place on the corner of your bathroom so you can safe more space on the other part of your bathroom.

Decoration design for small bathroom remodeling

  1. Mirror: number one decoration which you need to use for your small bathroom is mirror which should spread on one side of your bathroom. With this you can reflect the other side of the room which will add the illusion of larger bathroom.
  2. Lights: for lighting it would be better to use big light that could light your entire room. The mirror that you have used before will also able to reflect the light to the entire room better which is why it is better to use natural light for our small bathroom remodel design.

If you want to design your bathroom, it would be better if you use a specific theme to do it since then it would be easier for you to design your bathroom. Moreover with bathroom design ideas theme your bathroom would be much lively with the feeling you get from the theme. You could actually used any theme you want, but some of you who does not have any inspiration, we will give some of them for you.

Suitable Bathroom Design Ideas Theme for Your Family

Theme to use on your bathroom design

Lake Theme Design: bathroom is identical with water; this is why water theme such as Lake Theme would be good enough for your bathroom. Moreover you could combine this design with the forest that usually surrounds the lake and make it even relaxing. To create this theme you need to use a lot of natural element in everything inside the bathroom. For example use green or blue color for the paint color inside your bathroom. Then use wooden material for your bathroom furniture to make the nature comes out more.Lake-Bathroom-and-Shower-Room-Ideas

SpongeBob SquarePants Design: for your kid’s bathroom, they would love to use SpongeBob SquarePants character as their bathroom design ideas theme. You can use deep ocean blue color as your main bathroom color then draw Bikini Bottom city on the wall to make it even real. Use a lot of SpongeBob SquarePants bathroom accessorize and fixture that you can find on supermarket. Place several toys of SpongeBob SquarePants on your kid’s bathtub to persuade them to take a bath.

Color theme design: for your teenage kid, it is not necessary to use specific theme, but rather just use a color that they love as their bathroom color theme. But remember to combine the color with other color that has neutral feeling so it would not be too much. Just color the wall of your bathroom with the color combination that your teenage kid will love, then choose bathroom accessorize and fixture that has the same color combination. You can mix and match any style that has the color you want without worry.

Japanese theme design: traditional Japanese people have nice ofuro which you could try to duplicate on your bathroom theme. Use natural material such as wood and stone as the main material on your bathroom. Stone would work well as the flooring, if you can, try to build your own bathtub with the stone material which will add the realness of your design. Japanese lamp and decoration will add more beauty to your bathroom design.

Spa theme design: this design is usually applies on hotels and spa because it has luxurious feeling. If you have large bathroom, then this design would be the one for you. Use stone material such as marbles or ceramic to add more luxurious feeling to the bathroom then combine it with wooden material in several places as the contras from it. Lights and fixture should also have luxurious feeling with a lot of craft on the surface to create the best bathroom design ideas theme.


Bathroom is very essential thing to have inside your house, which is why every house should have a bathroom no matter how small the size is. And you should not have to worry even when you have small size bathroom, you could still use our small bathroom remodel ideas to make your bathroom more comfortable to use. The key is to not make your small size bathroom appears even smaller, if you could try to make the bathroom feels larger in a way that we show it to you here. You could still modify the ideas to match with your own liking.Things to do on Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Painting ideas for small bathroom remodeling

Paint is one essential thing that you should always be careful when choosing it for your small size bathroom. What important is not to choose paint color which is too dark since that kind of color could make your room appears even smaller which could reduce your comfort. First you need to think about the kind of feeling you want to get on your room and choose which paint color that could create that feeling for you inside your bathroom. For example you can use orange or yellow color which will add more energy inside your bathroom and it also make your bathroom appears warmer. You can also use green or blue color which will make your room feel calmer because it adds more cool feeling inside your bathroom.

Next you need to balance the paint that you have chosen before, so your small bathroom could get larger room illusion. You can either choose cool paint or warm paint which will reflect the lights or absorb the warm from lights for your bathroom. For warm paint it would be better to use one in muted color and create the balance by using neutral color as the main color inside your bathroom. But if you want to use stronger paint, you can only use it as accent for your small size bathroom.

Furniture small bathroom remodel ideas

For furniture it would be better to choose one that does not take too much space on the floor of your small size bathroom. The reason is because you need to use it for something that you really need which is still alright to spend space inside your bathroom floor. But for something else such as furniture it would be better to keep them off the floor so not to crumple your bathroom. Try to use furniture that could be mounted on the wall so they would be off from the floor.

But remember even when you need to keep everything off from the floor but you also need to get enough storage for your entire items inside the small size bathroom. Your bathroom could not looked crumpled with a lot of items scattered everywhere because it could make your room appears even smaller. That is why it is important for you to add enough storage inside your small size bathroom, that way you would be able to store all of your items inside the storage and only take it out when necessary.Things to do on Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas1

Fixture small bathroom remodel ideas

For fixture choose everything that only useful for you especially since you only have small place which means you will only get to place a few items inside your small size bathroom. If it is not too necessary then it would be better to not placing bathtub inside your small bathroom since it would take the most space just to place it on its own.

But if you really want to add a bathtub inside your small bathroom, then it would be better if you place the shower head directly above your bathroom that way you could just shower right above your bathtub so you would not need other space to create your shower area. If you want to get a sink, then try to find sink that could directly mounted on the wall. That way your skin would also not to spend too much space on the floor.Things to do on Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas2

Flooring small bathroom remodel ideas

If you want to install any flooring for your small bathroom, make sure that you already install subfloor which is waterproof to prevent any water from leaking through your flooring which will be big trouble in the future. For the selection you could basically use any flooring you want as long as it has light color. What you need to think over is the size of the flooring you want to install should be in the right size.

Choose panels which have smaller size so it would not be too big for your small size bathroom. When you want to place the panel, you must place it in pattern from your door and run along towards the other end of the room and not to install the panel by crossing the room. That way you could make the room feels even larger by the effect of the lines created by the panels you place on the floor. For tiles try to search for tile size which is smaller than 6 inch by 6 inch size and have 1 inch thickness would be enough for small size bathroom. That way you will not feel that the flooring would be too contras in size, plus it will make your small bathroom feels a lot larger.

Decoration small bathroom remodel ideas

For decoration do not do it too much, so your small size bathroom would not get crumpled by too much items. What important is to install big mirror on one side of the room; this mirror would be able to reflect the room thus makes it feels bigger than it really is.  Place enough lights so your room would be bright enough, that way your room would feels even larger by the lights that are reflected by the mirror. One big lights in the center of your bathroom will be enough to lights the entire bathroom, but you could also add a few small lights on the corner of the bathroom if necessary.